Rocks, minerals and crystals inspired my concept : i wanted to essentially convey a cohesive
design that was made up of two sections architectural lines and angles vs soft
drapery. Throughout my six designs i have maintained this aesthetic, but slightly altered
cutouts, embellishments and the placement of drapery - most of the bodices i have
designed are padded cups, with an aim to create crystal-like structures. This design
aesthetic conveys an idealized representation of the female form as an object of desire,
which then also relates to the diamond as a symbol of femininity. In keeping with this natural
aesthetic and curves of the female form - drapery conflicts with this geometric and angular
idea of the natural - i.e. rocks & minerals being manipulated and morphed into objects of beauty.

design selection is tomorrow and my stomach is knotted with butterflies. i don't know why i have to get so nervous. gosh. xx

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