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i can't believe that this type of beauty exists in the world.


Rocks, minerals and crystals inspired my concept : i wanted to essentially convey a cohesive
design that was made up of two sections architectural lines and angles vs soft
drapery. Throughout my six designs i have maintained this aesthetic, but slightly altered
cutouts, embellishments and the placement of drapery - most of the bodices i have
designed are padded cups, with an aim to create crystal-like structures. This design
aesthetic conveys an idealized representation of the female form as an object of desire,
which then also relates to the diamond as a symbol of femininity. In keeping with this natural
aesthetic and curves of the female form - drapery conflicts with this geometric and angular
idea of the natural - i.e. rocks & minerals being manipulated and morphed into objects of beauty.

design selection is tomorrow and my stomach is knotted with butterflies. i don't know why i have to get so nervous. gosh. xx


a few images which have inspired me during my design journey..
inspiration and concept

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chanel fall 2010.

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I'm so inspired by Chanel Fall 2010. The crystal necklaces are so captivating, i think i'll have to explore them in greater depth. i have developed my concept and i'm also working on some sketches (which i will post soon). I'm thinking of going to the Science Museum this weekend to see if there are any rocks, minerals or crystals i could take photos of for my visual journal. Today in studio i made my first one-piece swimsuit! it was quite exciting! xxxx



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i don't know what it is about these pictures that seems to inspire me so much. but they are definitely doing so. As i type this, different design possibilities are flashing before me. oh i truly love when this happens. i'm still in the concept development stage, but hopefully soon i'll be able to post some of my sketches.

Young ladies were promenading up and down the sand in their fashionable bathing dresses complete with sailor collars and bloomers, throwing aside their sense of modesty and showing their calves to the appreciative men.. people began pointing, women started screaming and parent's hurried to cover their children's eyes. There on the shore stood a confident young woman, resplendent in a man's bathing costume - a skin tight one piece, black suit with legs that ended well above her knees. Annette Kellerman was her name, a female superstar who existed long before Kylie or Elle, she scandalised the world, all because she dared to bare her body in public in an era of prudishness; this freethinker who held such radical opinions about what women were capable of. A true inspiration...

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